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2017 Gallery


Valentine’s Day

Our BusyBees went all abuzz this year to send Valentines to kids at treatment at several local children’s hospitals. Each sponsored valentine was delivered with the name of each sponsor- so that every kid who got one knew there was a real person cheering for them to get better!


6th Annual Fundraiser

Our 2017, 6th Annual Fundraiser was our most successful to date! Our generous donors, supporters, sponsors and celebrities came together to raise over $60,000 to help our kiddos and their families. Co-founder Heather Donatini gets a hug from our BBFKiddo Zelaya and her sisters!


Spring Baskets

Our BusyBee volunteers had so much fun donating, shopping, wrapping and delivering Spring Baskets to our kiddos (and their families) in treatment at Mattel’s Children Hospital at UCLA.